Nagoya Shi Honorary Ambassador

``Nagoya Meshi'' is a major project for Aichi and Nagoya to promote tourism by working together as a prefecture and city. The two leaders, the prefectural governor and the mayor, will also be named as ``honorary ambassadors,'' and they will enliven the event at various locations.

Hideaki Omura (Governor of Aichi Prefecture)
Takashi Kawamura (Mayor of Nagoya)

Nagoya Meshi Promotion Ambassador

The two who are appearing on CBC TV's "Ota x Ishii's Delaraba", a program that thoroughly delves into the unknown points of standard spots, topics, people, etc. that everyone in the three Tokai prefectures think they know, have been asked to "promote". You will become an ambassador and spread the word about the appeal of Nagoya Meshi.

Hikaru Ota (LOL problem)
Ryoji Ishii

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