Inauguration of “Nagomeshi Promotion Ambassador” X (formerly Twitter) Repost Present Campaign2023.12.28

Inauguration of “Nagomeshi Promotion Ambassador” X (formerly Twitter) Repost Campaign Application Guidelines

■ Prizes
Nagoya Meshi Goods New Year's Gift Set
(Council original ① Tote bag ② Clear file ③ Notebook ④ Masking tape ⑤ Magnet)
(You cannot choose the design)

■Number of winners
XNUMX people

■Application deadline (Repost deadline)
2024 years 1 month 3 Date (water)

■ How to participate
① Follow @meshinagoya
② BottomRepost this post by 2024:1 on Wednesday, January 3, 23

👇Posts you would like to repost👇

■ Eligibility
・Due to prize shipping issues, this is limited to those residing in Japan.
・Each person may only apply once.

■Winner announcement/method
・Winners will be determined by a strict lottery from among those who applied.
・Winners will be contacted via DM in January 2024.
*If you are not ready to receive DM, it will be invalid.
*Please note that if there is no reply after sending the DM, the winning will be cancelled.
・The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the shipping of the prize.

■ 注意 事項
・Participation methods Posts that meet ① to ② will be considered to have applied for the campaign.
・If you unfollow us before the winner is announced, you will not be eligible to apply.
・Those whose information is set to private will not be eligible to apply for this campaign.
・Transferring, exchanging for cash, or buying or selling the prize to a third party is prohibited. Prizes transferred or sold to a third party will be void.
・Prizes are subject to change without notice. (The published photo is an example of the product)

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