The “Nagomeshi Promotion Ambassador” has been born.2023.12.28

We have recently appointed Mr. Hikaru Ota, a comedian from the Bakusho issue, and Mr. Ryoji Ishii, a freelance announcer, as ``Nagomeshi Promotion Ambassadors.''

On Wednesday, December 27th, at Nagoya City Hall, the council's advisors, Governor Hideaki Omura and Mayor Kawamura handed over a letter of commission.

During the commissioning ceremony, the two men were asked about the appeal of Nagoya Meshi and made the following comments.
Mr. Ota
"Rather than being high-class, it's something that everyone can enjoy. You'll get addicted to it and want to eat it every day. I can see why people flock to it. I think its appeal is that it's approachable."
Mr. Ishii
``I'm from Osaka, so when I have friends from Osaka, I have a spot I go to.When I go there to eat miso-katsu/Miso-nikomi Udon Noodles, they are very happy.
Even those of us who live locally want to eat Miso-nikomi Udon Noodles and Miso-katsu once a month. It's addictive, so I want to spread it throughout the country. ”

From now on, the two of you will work to spread the charm of Nagoya Meshi throughout the country and around the world.

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