Tebasaki Chicken Wings
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Originated from an ordering mistake, now a must-have menu item at izakaya restaurants
Tebasaki Chicken Wings
To be exact, it's "Tebasaki Chicken Wings fried chicken." Tebasaki Chicken Wings are the tips of chicken wings. Due to its high gelatinous and fat content and low meat content, it was once primarily used for animal feed. This is fried, coated with sweet and spicy sauce, and sprinkled with spices and sesame seeds to give it a spicy and fragrant finish. At delicatessen stores and Chinese restaurants, there are also types that are stewed instead of fried.

It is said to have started in the 30s due to an ordering error at the izakaya "Furaibo". Unable to get their usual chicken, they bought Tebasaki Chicken Wings instead and cooked them in the same way as their signature product at the time, and they were well-received as having a good balance of meat and sauce, and their compact size making them perfect as snacks.
Among the izakayas in this area, it is rare to find something that is not on the menu. Representative chains are actively expanding nationwide, and are widely recognized as local specialties.
Tebasaki Chicken Wings
In addition to being a must-have menu item at izakaya restaurants, it is also popular as a take-out item, and is a staple at department store basements and delicatessen shops.