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From a comedy joke to a true specialty
Ebi-furai is a Western-style dish that originated in Japan. Although it is not native to Nagoya or limited to Nagoya, Aichi is clearly a shrimp lover, as the prefectural fish is kuruma prawn, and they consume a lot of shrimp. A whole fried shrimp is often used as a topping for noodles, rice bowls, curry, etc., and has now become one of the local specialties. Some restaurants serve it with miso sauce.

There are descriptions of Ebi-furai in literature from the mid-Meiji period. Some theories say that it was invented at a Western restaurant in Tokyo around this time, while others say it was created by combining cutlets and tempura.
In the 80s, the image of Nagoya's specialty spread when entertainer Tamori joked that ``Ebifurya'' is the best delicacy in Nagoya. The number of restaurants taking advantage of this trend and selling Ebi-furai has increased, and it has truly become one of its specialties.
There are many restaurants that express the Nagoya style, such as by drizzling Miso-katsu sauce on top or arranging two sticks like golden shachi.